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Viktor Kravtsov


Icons for home and church:



The Art Painting In Churches And Monasteries: Walls, Domes, Altars.


  • Byzantine (Greek) style.
  • Academical style.


Иконописец Кравцов Виктор

Our Advantages:

  • Professional education and 14 years experience of the iconographer in Greece


  • 19 years experience in iconography


  • More than 2000 icon was written


  • In 27 countries worldwide you can find masterpieces by Viktor Kravtsov.


  • High-quality leaf gold usage. 


  • Respecting old church canons


  • Author’s combining of plots and images


  • First-hands icons from artist guarantee best price


  • Family business


  • Worldwide shipping

100% happy customers

We use:

  • Wood from specially prepared and dried up wood (linden) with an oak spline.
  • Primer.
  • Hand-made tempera.
  • Gold leaf.
  • Varnishes.

Last News:

Our Lady of a Sign is available for purchase

The St. Nicholas the miracle worker icon:

Храмовая икона Св. Николая Чудотворца

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