Кравцов Виктор иконописец.

Viktor Kravtsov.

Was born in 1964 in Kherson region on the South of Ukraine.

He was taught iconography in Athens, Greece. More over, he has been worked as iconographer in Greece for 14 years. During this years he gained exclusive experience in church painting, gilding and writing icon in Bizantine technique.

Icons written by Viktor Kravtsov could be found at hundreds of homes around Greece, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Syria, Australia, Moldova, China and Russia.

Temple icons and church wall paintings are places in different temples and monasteries of Athens, the whole Ellada, Ukraine, Russia, Canada and Syria.

To cover the main background and nimbus the hight quality leaf gold is used. Traditionally the Artist prefer leaf gold made in Germany or Italy.

Since February 2013 The Icon Painting Workshop (or Art Studio) of Viktor Kravtsov based in the Ukraine.

Artist Viktor Kravtsov took part in events:

  • International Christian Orthodox exhibition-fair «Christian Orthodox World» 9 – 14 July 2013, Odessa.
  • National charitable Easter fair 26-29 April 2013, Kiev.
  • HANDMADE-Expo  7 — 10 October 2015, Kiev.
  • XІIІ Specialized Salon of a Handmade 3-6 February 2016, Kiev.
  • ХVI International Specialized Wedding Exhibition 14 — 17 April 2016, Kiev.


Masterpieces by the Artist: