Infant Baptism


Icons for Infant Baptism Ceremony Sketches

Measure Icon creates due to customer’s suggestions. To the icon for Infant Baptism Ceremony could be added an optional image, i.e. Mother of God with Child Jesus Christ, Christ Pantocrator and saints of godparents.

The creation of the Icon for Infant Baptism Ceremony

St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki. June 2018.


St. Joanna Measured Icon. October-November 2016.


St. Juliana Measured Icon. September 2016.


St. Valery measured icon. August 2016.

St. Kyra Measured Icon. July 2016.


Icon of Maximus the Confessor for Baptism Ceremony (greek Μάξιμος ὁ Ὁμολογητής) in byzantine technique with a cut-back center portion of the icon panel inside the wood case.


St. Zachary Baptism Icon. Size  51 х 24 cm. July-August 2013. The icon was shipped to the Christian Orthodox family in China.

The process of writing the St. Nika measured icon.



Baptism icon of the St. Hope 27.06.2014. “Thank you very much for such a beautiful work! It is gorgeous! I think this kind of a gift is priceless and will remain in memory for a long time. I will recommend my friends to order this truly miracle in your studio!!!! Artist has got golden hands.

With respect, Smikodub Family.”

Icon of the Mary Magdalene for Baptism ceremony 11.02.2015.“The work is incredible. It is very beautiful. It is full of the unbelievable light. Our baby girl won’t let it go.”